Our vision of quality

At MOOI, quality is not an empty promise. We are very happy to announce that we hold the quality certificate from DEKRA! We particularly value quality because it’s about your appearance and that stays with you your whole life. With us, quality means the following:

  • At MOOI Clinic, the team of specialists consists of qualified and experienced plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians KNMG.
  • MOOI Clinic is certified by DEKRA in accordance with ISO 9001, which means that an independent party has tested our systems and processes for quality.
  • Our plastic surgeons do all treatments; whether it is an eyelid correction, mole removal, facelift or abdominoplasty.
  • Our plastic surgeons also work in our (Academic) hospitals. This has the advantage that we are closely involved in latest developments and scientific research.
  • We inform you honestly about all aspects of treatment. That is, we not only tell you about the MOOI end result, but also about risks, discomforts and possible complications. Check out the risks and complications for breast implants here.
  • The initial consultation is with the plastic surgeon who also performs the procedure and provides aftercare. We only deviate from this if, during the initial consultation, it appears that another surgeon can do your specific treatment better. You then have another conversation with him or her.
  • MOOI Clinic has in-house surgical facilities of the highest standard. This allows us to schedule treatment without a waiting list. It is also possible to have surgery in the hospital. All treatment sites meet the standards and requirements for safe surgery. Do you wish to be treated in a hospital? If so, please discuss this with our surgeons.
  • All our plastic surgeons are BIG-registered and members of the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery and the Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


In order to provide you with good and professional care, MOOI Clinic processes personal data. MOOI Clinic considers the careful handling of your personal data very important. Your personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured by us. You can rest assured that your information is secure at MOOI Clinic and that we comply with applicable legal regulations. Read MOOI Clinic’s Privacy Statement here.

Before and after photos

Every person is unique; everyone has a different look, a different type of skin, differently developed muscles, wrinkles and so on. That means the result of each procedure is also unique. Therefore, a photo of one person’s result, doesn’t say much about the result of another. These only give you a general impression. Since we value the privacy of our clients, all photos are posted with permission only. Therefore, your before and after photos will never be published if you don’t want them to be!


The following criteria are applied in approving a treatment at MOOI Clinic:

  • Only clients with ASA class 1 or 2 are treated in the clinic.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Clients with a BMI over 35 are basically excluded from treatment.

Why? We do all this for safety and quality reasons. Should these criteria apply to you, we’ll be happy to inform you about the possibilities at our affiliated hospitals.

Source: NVPC guideline: plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments in private clinics.