Stay beautiful and feel good!

Even if you eat healthy and exercise regularly, sometimes there are parts of the body that you cannot change with just a healthy lifestyle. At MOOI Clinic, we understand the importance of preserving your unique characteristics and proportions while helping you to achieve your desired transformation. Our plastic surgeons are very skilled at this. We work with you to find the treatment that is best for you. Contact us to discuss your options.


For a flabby belly that just won’t go away.

Mommy Make Over

Making your breasts and belly beautiful again, like before pregnancy.


Get stubborn fat deposits suctioned away for good.

Labia correction

If you’re bothered by the shape or size of your inner labia.

Arm, leg or billift

Lifting sagging skin around your arms, buttocks or legs.

Excess skin

Removal of excess skin after extreme weight loss.

Lower body elevator

Excess skin from the abdomen and back is removed.

Scar correction

Repairing an unsightly or deformed scar.

Mother spot removal

Remove an unwanted mole, fatty bump or other spot.

Combination of treatments

At MOOI Clinic, it is possible to have certain treatments done in a single session. That way you only have one procedure and one recovery period. For example, a tummy tuck and breast surgery are often combined, as are a tummy tuck and arm lift. Our plastic surgeons are happy to tell you what is possible.

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