You feel MORE MOOI AND another tree has been planted!

Thanks! With your treatment, you have also contributed to a better climate!

As plastic surgeons, we are confronted daily with the desire for wellness. Within the aesthetic part of our field, this involves appearance, aesthetics and the fight against aging, but we realize that well-being involves much more. For every surgery, MOOI Clinic donates an amount to our foundation the MOOI Foundation.

Through the MOOI foundation, this year we are supporting 2 foundations that provide for restoration and preservation of rainforest in Costa Rica and provide planting of new trees in the Netherlands but also internationally.

Using the RESTORE, PROTECT, and FUND? principle:

  1. RESTORE: The world needs more forest. To combat climate change and increase biodiversity, we must protect our existing forests, restore degraded forests and plant new forests. Our MOOI foundation is trees partner of and this foundation then ensures that 1 tree is planted in the Netherlands and 1 tree in the tropical rainforest of Sulawesi (Indonesia).

But that’s not all.

  1. PROTECT: Also, with your treatment you help preserve a piece of rainforest (4 m2 to be exact) in Costa rica.

Adopting a piece of rainforest: it sounds playful, but the impact certainly isn’t.
as a stable and professional non-profit organization provides a positive counterpoint to deforestation and biodiversity decline in the tropics.

The MOOI Foundation will adopt as much as 800 square meters of rainforest by 2023.

  1. FUND: The MOOI Foundation supports the two foundations contributing to this concept: and

How BEAUTIFUL is that!

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