Breast augmentation consultation

Most women have been walking around for years with the idea of having something done to their breasts. Still, many women find it a difficult choice to actually do breast augmentation. It sometimes takes several years before they dare to make an appointment for a consultation, and they find it difficult to ask questions. The consultation is there precisely to inform you of your options, discuss all the pros and cons, and ask questions of the plastic surgeon. It’s totally okay if you need time to think after the consultation, or ultimately decide not to do it.

In this blog, I like to tell you a bit more about the initial consultation when you are considering breast augmentation. How does such an intake take place and what choices must be made?

The first introduction

How the first meeting goes depends very much on the client. Some women mainly want to be informed about the options and go home at the end of the consultation to reconsider. They have huge doubts. But there are also many women who actually already know what they want before they have had the consultation. They have been thinking about breast augmentation for years and have often read up completely on the Internet. They are also more likely to take pictures of breast augmentations they like. That’s totally fine, because that way I know the approximate result you expect. Keep in mind that everyone is unique and so is the result.

Your situation and wishes

We always start the conversation about you (and your breasts, of course) and why you are sitting at my table. For example, there are women who have never been to a swimming pool or do not dare to wear a top in the summer. The psychosocial consequences are often very great, and although not everyone understands this, it is the reality. So I pay quite a lot of attention to this. The image you sometimes see on TV of huge breast augmentations I see very little of in practice. Most of the women I see have an A cup or even less.

Some women know exactly what they want: from A cup to C cup or from B cup to D cup. If you already have wishes or ideas, we will discuss them. If you have no idea what you want yet, we will inform you about treatment options.

Possibilities, advantages, disadvantages and risks.

Whether you are still unsure about breast augmentation, or already know exactly what you want, during a consultation we always discuss your options. For example, there are different
types of implants
in terms of shape, material and volume. In addition, these implants can be placed in different ways. I always discuss the pros and cons as well as the risks of breast augmentation here.

breast augmentation consultation preparation

Research, fitting and advice

If you are ready, a breast examination follows. You also get the opportunity to use trial prostheses to get a bit of an idea of what it will look like with a particular volume augmentation. I also always explain that I cannot predict exactly what cup size you will have after surgery because it depends on a lot of factors. Together, we then decide whether it is best to use anatomical or round implants, and whether the implants should be placed in front or behind the muscle. In doing so, I always try to indicate what I myself think would be best for the client in question in this situation, but also listen very carefully to the exact wishes that are there.

Taking photos

The consultation usually ends with taking pictures for the file. Photographs are a required part of the patient record.

After the consultation, you go home with a lot of information. You will also receive a customized quote so you know what the breast augmentation will cost. If you still have questions after the consultation, we can schedule another appointment (possibly by phone). Want to schedule your own initial consultation? You can do so by phone at 043 311 8708 or
via this contact form
. An initial consultation involves a €50 consultation fee, which will be deducted from the treatment price.

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