What can you do about sagging breasts?

Many women develop sagging, less firm breasts as they age. We understand that this can contribute to you feeling less MOOI. You want to maintain your firm and tight breasts, but several factors can lead to sagging breast tissue. Breast firmness can vary depending on genetics and other factors, such as pregnancy, weight gain and loss, aging or lifestyle. The skin gets stretched, causing your breasts to droop. There are several methods that can help make breasts look firmer. How that can be done, plastic surgeon An Deliaert is happy to explain.

It is important to remember that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes and having sagging breasts is perfectly normal as we age. But if you like to stay MOOI yourself, our solutions might be for you.

What is the cause of sagging breasts?

Slack breasts can be distracting, but it is normal for breasts to droop a bit over time. Breasts can droop for a variety of reasons:

  • Aging: As women age, the skin loses elasticity and firmness. This is due to decrease in collagen and elastin production, the proteins responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormones play a crucial role in the development and maintenance of breasts. There are several stages in a woman’s life when hormonal fluctuations may occur. Such as pregnancy or menopause (transition).
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: During pregnancy, the breasts undergo changes, such as growth and changes in hormone levels. After childbirth and while breastfeeding, the breasts may increase in size and then shrink again, stretching the skin and causing the breasts to droop. Your breast tissue may also change after pregnancy, such as diminishing or feeling more supple.
  • Weight fluctuations: Rapid weight gain and loss can affect breast firmness. If you gain weight quickly, the skin can stretch unnoticed as your breasts get bigger. When you lose weight again, the volume of the breasts may decrease, making them saggier.
  • Lifestyle: Healthy diet is important for skin elasticity. In addition, smoking is harmful to the skin because it reduces collagen production and affects skin elasticity.
  • Genetics: Genetic factors may also play a role. Some women have naturally less elastic skin and are more prone to breast sagging.

And, of course, gravity also plays a big role. The larger and heavier your breasts are, the more likely they are to droop.

What can you do to get firmer breasts?

Many women want firm and well-shaped breasts. It’s important to us that you start to LOVE your breasts again. That’s why we provide practical tips and information so you can make choices that best suit your needs.

  • Exercises: There are specific exercises aimed at strengthening the chest muscles, such as push-ups and chest exercises with resistance bands, for example. These exercises can help strengthen the muscles under the breasts and increase firmness. Do you have large breasts? Then give them adequate support during exercises with a good sports bra.
  • Overall exercise: In addition to specific chest exercises, it is important to engage in regular exercise to strengthen the entire body and reduce fat.
  • Good support: Wearing a well-fitting bra with adequate support is important for maintaining firmness. With a good bra, you give gravity less of a chance and put less strain on the skin.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Healthy eating with adequate nutrients can improve overall skin health. It is important to drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in antioxidants and promote collagen. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can reduce skin elasticity.

Other tips, such as breast massage, are not scientifically proven. The above methods can help improve breast firmness, but they cannot achieve complete reversal.

Slack breast elevators

Is the skin already stretched? Or is your nipple located below your breast fold? Then it is difficult – or rather impossible – to train them (training does not help your breasts themselves anyway, only the pectoral muscles) and recover. Most women have two options for lifting their breasts: a breast elevator or breast augmentation. A combination of these two operations is also performed more frequently. In most cases, a breast elevator can correct the problem of drooping breasts. Volume can also be added using your own fat tissue(lipofilling) to create a fuller, firmer breast. This can be done with or without a breast elevator.

During a consultation, the plastic surgeon always looks at the proportions of your body and then what is the best treatment for you.

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