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Insured care

At MOOI Clinic, a combination between insured care and uninsured care is possible. We get asked more often whether certain procedures are covered by health insurance. Cosmetic procedures are never covered by your health insurance company. Only in exceptional cases, when there is a medical need (or medical necessity), for example, can you qualify for reimbursement.

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eyelid surgery reimbursed health insurance

Other treatments that may qualify for insured care include: abdominoplasty, flap correction, scar correction and rhinoplasty. Again, the advice is to consult your health insurance company’s terms and conditions.

To qualify for reimbursement, your situation must meet certain criteria. In addition, there may be maximum reimbursement (from supplemental insurance, for example) and payment of the mandatory deductible.

Combination insured and uninsured care

At MOOI Clinic, a combination between insured care and uninsured care is possible. Some examples of combination treatments include: removing existing breast implants for excessive capsularity (is sometimes covered by insurance), but placing new silicone or saline breast implants, or making your breasts more beautiful through a breast lift or lipofilling treatment falls under uninsured care.

Another example is when you have lost an extreme amount of weight and are dealing with excess skin. In some cases, you may qualify for insured care to have this excess skin removed. If you wish to do liposuction or breast surgery in addition to this, it falls under non-insured care.


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