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Complaint Procedure

MOOI Clinic believes it’s important for our clients to be satisfied. Therefore, we strive to treat, care for and guide you, during your visit, as best as we can. Despite this, it’s possible that something may happen that you perceive as improper or unjustified. Is this the case? Let us know, and we can work with you to find a solution.

Is something still not quite right?

We hope that your complaint will be resolved after discussing it with those involved or after mediation by MOOI Clinic’s Complaints Officer. However, if this is not the case or if you want a ruling on your complaint, you can appeal to the independent Complaints and Disputes Committee, which whom we are affiliated with. If you have a complaint and can’t work it out with MOOI Clinic, you can go here: More information about our complaints procedure is found here: Complaint procedure MOOI

Onze belofte

Bij MOOI is kwaliteit geen loze slogan. Wij hechten bijzonder waarde aan kwaliteit omdat het om jouw uiterlijk gaat en dat neem je je hele leven mee. Kwaliteit, veiligheid en vertrouwen staan daarom centraal in onze aanpak.

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