Drs. Marleen Meesters

I believe it is very important to clearly and honestly discuss the client's wishes and intended outcome. I don't like setting a non-achievable expectation. ''

About Marleen

‘I get my energy every time from a satisfied client, someone who is pleased and happy with the result we discussed beforehand. For example, restoration or beautification of breasts but also restoration of contour and surgical removal of excess skin after obesity treatment are very rewarding procedures.

‘Plastic surgery remains a fascinating and wonderful profession because you have new challenges every day. With plastic surgery, you always strive to keep shape and contour as natural as possible; that takes experience and insight.

The profession has a reconstructive and a purely aesthetic side. The aesthetic side deals with people who want to optimize their appearance. On the reconstructive side, you restore anatomy and function as best you can after removing a tumor or after trauma. Both sides have the same goal for me: clients who are satisfied with the intended and highest achievable result.


I studied medicine at the University of Maastricht. I did my training as a plastic surgeon at the MUMC in Maastricht. Since 2004 I have been working as a plastic surgeon at Zuyderland location Sittard/Geleen and on call at MUMC.

Areas of focus



Body & other

  • Reconstructive surgery


I am an active board member of the quality committee of the Dutch Society of Plastic Surgery (NVPC). I am also a delegate of the NVPC to the advisory committee and the disputes committee of the KNMG.

I am also involved in the establishment of the mommy center at Zuyderland. I am also a member of the Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

I speak Dutch, English, German and French.

Marleen shares her knowledge

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