Motiva breast implants

Worldwide, there are many different types of manufacturers and brands of breast implants. In the Netherlands, there are a number of brands that have been extensively researched and have the appropriate certification. At MOOI Clinic, we primarily place Motiva brand implants. We’re happy to explain why.

Different brands

Well-known brands of breast implants include Motiva, Mentor, Allergan/Natrelle, Eurosilicone, Nagor, Polytech and B-lite. Brands can differ from each other in terms of quality, filling (silicone, saline or hydrogel), shape, size and surface (rough or smooth). In our choice of Motiva, the plastic surgeons at MOOI Clinic did extensive research on the various providers. Naturally, all brands meet the legal requirements, but at MOOI Clinic, quality and safety are paramount when choosing Motiva implants. It’s also important that the implants feel soft and natural and produce beautiful results.

Why Motiva?

Motiva is an A-brand that has been in business for more than 30 years. Consequently, the interaction of Motiva implants with the body has been studied extensively. These implants have proven their safety. In addition, because they have a very finely roughened surface, the implants are considered smooth. The idea behind this is that they combine the advantages of smooth and rough implant. There are suggestions that an implant with a rougher surface, like that of some other brands, may be more likely to result in the rare side effect ALCL (a form of lymphoma).

Motiva implants are filled with cohesive gel. The advantage of this gel is that the breasts feel very natural when touched. In addition, the gel also cannot leak out of the implant if it were to rupture.

Warranty program Motiva breast implants

Motiva provides a lifetime warranty against leakage in case of ruptures. In addition, you get 10 years of product replacement in case of excessive capsularity (Baker class 3 or 4). However, the surgery costs to repair or replace the implants are not covered. Check here for more information about the Motiva warranty program and terms and conditions.

What types of Motiva breast implants are there?

The choice is vast, which is why the consultation with the plastic surgeon is so important. Our plastic surgeon will advise you on the type of breast implant that best suits your needs and body. Motiva has as many as 500 different implants!


There are three types of shapes: round, anatomical (tear-drop) and ergonomix. Motiva Implants® Ergonomix adapt to your body and how you move. When standing they become more drop-shaped and when lying down they become more round. So the advantages of anatomical and round are combined.

Learn more about the types available and their advantages and disadvantages in this article on breast implants.

Size and profile

In addition to the shape of the implant, there is also a choice in the size, base and profile that must be made to achieve the desired result. The volume or size of the implant is usually given in number of ‘cc’. For example, breast augmentation with 200 or 300 cc. In addition, of course, there are smaller and larger volumes and everything in between, such as 185cc or 410cc.

For round implants and ergonomix, there are even different profiles. The profile is the distance of the implant from the chest wall that determines the fullness of the breast. The profiles can be low, medium, high or extra high. Motiva speaks of Mini, Demi, Full and Corsé. For example, a Demi 300 cc implant with a diameter of 11.5 cm has a height of 3.9 cm, while the same amount of filling of 300 cc in Corsé has a height or projection of 4.9 cm.

how many cc breast implants

Registration of your breast implants

Since April 2015, all surgical data have been recorded in the DBIR. DBIR stands for Dutch Breast Implant Registry. Thus, the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery (NVPC) aims to monitor and improve the quality of care and breast implants. At you can locate your breast implants by the serial number of your implant.

As of January 1, 2019, the Care Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act is in effect. Since then, all implants have also been registered in the National Implant Register (LIR). Should a safety risk arise around an implant, the LIR lists which individuals are wearing the implant.

Have you been thinking about breast enlargement for a long time?

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