Eyelid surgery on sale, is it allowed?

You would like to have eyelid surgery to get rid of your overhanging eyelids. Perhaps you are looking for discounts or offers to cut costs a bit. We asked Dr. Darren Booi, plastic surgeon at MOOI Clinic and board member of the Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NVEPC), if a discount or offer on eyelid surgery is allowed.

Can a clinic offer a discount on eyelid surgery?

The answer is clear: No, there should never be a discount on eyelid surgery because it is a medical procedure. In this regard, price should never be the rationale for purchasing treatment from a particular clinic or doctor. Doctors must also comply with the Advertising Code for Medical Cosmetic Treatments. Thus, all clinics that work with discounts, social deals or other promotions do not adhere to the quality framework.

An offer is usually temporary and therefore puts a certain time pressure on the client to undergo the treatment. Therefore, this is prohibited.

Eyelid surgery is no bargain

Do not be guided by prices, but look for a reputable and qualified doctor to perform the eyelid surgery. It’s all about your face, your look, and that will last a lifetime. Choosing a particular clinic based on price can carry risks. At MOOI Clinic, eyelid corrections are always performed by plastic surgeons and not cosmetic doctors. It is good to know the difference between the two.

Cosmetic surgery is irreversible and affects your appearance. Never skimp on safety and quality when you want something done to yourself. We offer you fair prices for our treatments, performed by the best specialists. That includes no discounts or offers.

A good knowledge of the eyelid area is important to get predictably good results. For example, fat loss, or fat too much and the position of the eyebrows play a major role. With 12 years of training behind them, the plastic surgeon is your safest choice, that while eyelid surgery may also be performed doctors who have completed 6 years of training. So choose the right specialist. Often as an example, sagging of the eyebrow or volume loss is not taken into account and too much skin is often removed resulting in dry eyes or closure problems.
Sometimes another treatment is better than eyelid surgery. Thus, not having sufficient knowledge of what is involved often leads to suboptimal results or sometimes to problems that are difficult to solve. Thus, proper consideration of the various aging characteristics and knowledge of the entire area is essential for best results.

Cheap eyelid surgery seen?

Have you seen an offer or very cheap eyelid surgery? Then be sure to question that. For example, if eyelid surgery costs less than €700, you are guaranteed not to be treated by a plastic surgeon. Do you trust your eyes and face to a doctor with less experience but the authority to perform the procedure? It is also necessary to work with high-quality instruments, materials and A-brand products to pursue the highest quality.

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Eyelid surgery discount cheap

Treating physician to guide your choice

Instead of being swayed by the price of eyelid surgery, research the doctor being treated and his or her training and experience. Our price is €900 all-in for an upper eyelid surgery, always performed by a plastic surgeon. That includes the consultation, all supplies for the procedure, regardless of technique and aftercare. In Limburg, for example, you pay €50 less for an upper eyelid correction at several other cosmetic doctors. Even the “family doctor” charges €850 for the procedure, while at MOOI clinic you are always treated by a plastic surgeon. At MOOI, you choose years of experience and don’t have to worry about additional costs if the plastic surgeon uses a different technique for an upper eyelid correction to achieve the most beautiful result. Consider whether or not to adjust fat or muscle, so all of this is included in one price.

If you still have questions after reading this article or are considering eyelid surgery? Then contact us for a no-obligation intake interview.

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