Petra’s eyelid surgery: read her experience and story

I was about 30 when I was first told at the beautician that I had slightly droopy eyelids. At the time, it didn’t do much for me, yet the phrase stuck in the back of my mind. About 10 years later, I slowly began to notice it myself. Fortunately, I was fairly handy with eyeshadow and mascara, so I was still able to create a “lifted” effect, which made for another fresh rested look.

By the time I was 45 years old, I began to feel increasingly uncomfortable looking in the mirror anyway. I looked tired from the moment I got up until I went back to bed. Even eye makeup no longer had the desired effect. At the same time, I was taking care of my body, exercising enough, taking good care of myself and being conscious of what I ate. I was feeling fitter and fitter, yet became increasingly insecure about my not-fit, tired eyesight and began to consider eyelid surgery.

“I spent a capital on gels and creams that promised golden mountains and could not deliver this and became more unhappy by the day at the sight in the mirror.”

for photo eyelid surgery

Eyelids before surgery

At 48, I promised myself an eyelid surgery

Just the idea made me happy and excited. I was just terrified of needles and afraid of having my eyelids cut. It may sound very strange but I was looking forward to surgery and first explored all the possibilities for myself.

Yet first opted for a PlexR II treatment

After some research, I came across a practice that was doing promising PlexR II treatments and went there for a consultation. The doctor raved and guaranteed that he could treat my eyes and that I would enjoy the treatment for at least 5 years. A PlexR II treatment is non invasive (without cutting). The doctor promised me that after a week I would be amazed at the results so I decided to undergo this.

The treatment was quite painful and after walking for two weeks with burns and thick crusts on my eyes, the result was minimal, this would adjust according to the doctor. After six months I had another treatment done because I was not really satisfied with the results. Again, I walked for two weeks pretty battered and again the results were minimal. A year after the last PLexR treatment, my eyelids were almost the same as before the procedures.

“It occurred to me that I was still unhappy with my tired look and droopy eyelids.”

I declined the offer from the practice in question to do the treatment again because I didn’t know what effect that plasma laser would have on my skin. Then I called MOOI clinic.

At MOOI clinic it felt good and familiar

On the phone, I told my story and asked if it was possible to do anything more about my eyelids. I immediately received an invitation to discuss this without obligation with Drs. Sawor. So I also immediately made an appointment for a consultation.

Drs. Sawor I already knew from a previous surgery and I liked it very much. The nice atmosphere, safe environment, no-nonsense attitude and the incredibly important feeling for me that I was in good hands were the reason I didn’t need to look any further for a clinic or practice.

“At MOOI, I am in good hands.”

The day of eyelid surgery

I underwent the procedure on November 1, 2019, and I was quite nervous. Once inside, after a warm welcome by the team, thankfully those nerves slipped right off me. Full of confidence, I went into the procedure.

The procedure itself was not painful, even the anesthesia I barely felt. Within half an hour I was done and I didn’t feel any pain after that either. The scar was neatly taped and with glasses on I could just go outside. Blue was barely me.

I should have done this years earlier!

eyelid surgery result photo

After a week, the stitches were allowed to come out. By following MOOI’s advice carefully, I had virtually no swelling. When I was allowed to look in the mirror, I was already overjoyed with the result, even though the healing process would continue for a while.

Now, six months later, I am still very happy with the result! When I look in the mirror I see a fresh and rested face with a beautiful open gaze. I feel fitter, I feel more attractive and I feel confident. My self-confidence benefits.

I should have done this years earlier!