Recovery and aftercare after liposuction

When you have fat permanently removed with liposuction, your body needs time to recover. We are often asked what you can and cannot do after a liposculpture treatment and how to promote recovery. To get the most MOOI result, it is also important to follow our instructions carefully. We’re happy to explain these to you.

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The first days after treatment

After surgery, you can usually go home the same day. We check that everything is fine with you and after our plastic surgeon’s approval, you may go home. For the first few days, the treated areas are sensitive and swollen. The swelling usually disappears within four weeks.


The bandage consists of a well-fitting pressure garment that you put on immediately after surgery. You’ll wear the compression garment day and night for 4 weeks.


One thing you should not do immediately after surgery is get behind the wheel yourself. So, make sure there is someone with you who can drive you home safely.


If you feel lousy or your body is sore, you may always take paracetamol and any additional painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

In consultation with the plastic surgeon, resume any blood thinners or other medications. Discuss this with the doctor.


Do not drink alcohol in the first week after treatment because of the risk of post-treatment bleeding. Smoking adversely affects blood flow to the tissues, which is precisely what is important for proper recovery. We therefore recommend that you stop smoking weeks before and after treatment. It is also better not to smoke after the treatment as this accelerates the aging process.


The evening after surgery is the best time to rest. During the first week you can walk around and do small activities. Depending on the type of work you do, you can return to work after about 1-2 weeks, unless otherwise directed by your treating physician. Sports activities and heavy work can be resumed after 4 weeks.


Showering is allowed again after 4-5 days. The patches do need to stay on until you come for a check-up. The advice is not to bathe or take a hot shower for 4-6 weeks.

Two weeks after treatment

After two weeks, you come back for a check-up at MOOI Clinic. After 2 weeks, patches and any sutures are removed. You can usually start working again now (provided it is not too physically demanding).

Six weeks after treatment

After six weeks, you’re usually well recovered from the surgery. It’s hard to say when your body will be fully recovered as this varies from person to person, and depends on the amount of wound fluid or bruising under the skin. An average period of 6 weeks is estimated.

Most people can fully resume their normal lives after 6 weeks.

Final check-up and result

After about 3 months, you will come for a final check-up at MOOI Clinic. You won’t see the final results until after 3 to 6 months; so you need some patience.
If your expectations are real, the end result in most cases is satisfactory or even very satisfactory.

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Thinking about liposuction?

At MOOI Clinic, liposuction treatment is performed by a plastic surgeon.