Astrid’s breast augmentation: from small B to full proud C

Astrid (44): Two years ago my greatest wish came true, I got bigger breasts. Today, I am still very happy with my breast augmentation and therefore I am happy to share my experience. In fact, I had been insecure about my breasts for years. I had a small B cup, but was and am otherwise very satisfied with my body. I am slim, but always thought my breasts were way too small. My husband did not agree, it did not bother him, but he understood my wish.

A nice tight dress flattened me and I didn’t feel beautiful then.

During my adolescence, I became much more aware of my own body. I tried to hide my small breasts in push-up bras and I preferred not to wear tight clothes. A nice tight dress flattened me and I didn’t feel beautiful then. After years, I started to inform myself and came to the conclusion that breast augmentation was the only solution for me. Push-up bras are only temporary and when I was naked, you could still see it.

My husband went with me to the consultation

Through the internet, I started looking for a good clinic and that’s how I ended up at MOOI clinic. I preferred to be operated on by a female surgeon. It seemed terrifying to me to get naked with a man. Unfortunately, the female surgeons were not available for consultation on short notice. We were full on in the corona pandemic at the time and I thought it was already a long wait for the consultation. So then to the male surgeon anyway. In retrospect, that was not so bad 100% of the time. I had also brought my husband to the consultation and together with the surgeon we looked and measured which cup size was best for me. I preferred a size larger, cup size C would be perfect on me. I found it difficult to estimate exactly how big they would become, but I trusted the plastic surgeon’s experience.

The operation

September 25, 2020 was the day! The day of surgery. I had to report at 7 a.m., I went under anesthesia at 8, and I woke up at 9:20. I will never forget that moment! It felt like a truck had hit me and I looked down and just saw a well-filled sports bra. I slept for another hour and then I wanted to go home.

I felt fine, after eating and drinking and going to the toilet, the surgeon had checked me once more. At noon, I was already allowed to go home! Normally you stay a little longer, but I felt good, so I was allowed to go.

By the way, I received 300cc Motiva prosthetics and relied completely on the surgeon’s expertise. I went from a small B to a full C cup.

6 weeks of leave taken

The first 5 days after the breast augmentation, my breasts were huge and swollen and also painful but that slowly disappeared. After 2 weeks the stitches were allowed out and the scars had already healed nicely. I had taken 6 weeks of leave from work. I work in healthcare and didn’t want to take any chances. My husband had taken 2 weeks of care leave so that he could fully help me. After 6 weeks I was fortunately allowed to play sports again, which I was very happy about, because I enjoy sports immensely.

I took a picture every week from day 1 after surgery so that I could see them change i.e., prosthetics descending and wounds closing. You could see that process really well in the photos. Fun to look back. I also took pictures of my breasts before surgery and when I look at them, I think, never go back to my old size.

breast augmentation result 2 years po

After 3 months, the prosthetics have settled in nicely and I am very satisfied. I can still look at them every day and say, what beautiful breasts I have. I have started to dress differently and also walk up straighter I am just apethetic! I also know very well that there are nasty terrible stories about leaking silicone and complications etc. but for me the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. I’m just tremendously happy with it and not bothered by anything. Thank you MOOI clinic and especially Prof Dr. van der hulst!