Aftercare after treatment with EarWell

You visited us with your child regarding an ear defect. The plastic surgeon informed you about the treatment beforehand and applied the EarWell system with the goal that by the end of therapy, your child’s ears would be shaped normally. The information below will help achieve the best results with the EarWell treatment. There are a few things to watch out for: (Unless explicitly stated otherwise by the treating physician).

The average duration of a treatment is 4-8 weeks. After two weeks, the system will be replaced with a new system.

Placing the EarWell

  • The EarWell is placed around your baby’s ear with a special medical adhesive designed to stick well and minimize irritation. After application, the EarWell will remain in place for approximately fourteen to seventeen days.
  • Watch the EarWell daily to assess whether it’s still attached. It’s possible for the EarWell to come off sooner than expected, e.g. due to movement or sweating of your child. If you see that the EarWell is coming loose contact the MOOI clinic.
  • Until the appointment at the MOOI clinic, you can temporarily fix the EarWell yourself with the tape you were given earlier. You can also put a hair band over the EarWell to protect and secure it. Never leave the child alone or sleeping with the hairband!
  • Important to know: should the EarWell come off temporarily, don’t worry, this won’t affect the result.

Cleaning and keeping the EarWell dry

  • The EarWell should remain as dry as possible so that it sticks well.
  • So, try to keep the EarWell dry and don’t clean it with water.
  • It is important that no milk, saliva or food come into contact with the EarWell. If this happens unexpectedly, please contact the MOOI clinic. We can clean and refit the system at the clinic, if necessary.

Tip! Wash your baby in a tummy tub, that way you keep their ears dry! Wash their hair with water and a washcloth only.


  • The EarWell is made from a transparent material so that redness can be seen.
  • If the ear becomes red or a pressure spot develops during treatment, contact the MOOI clinic.


Once the EarWell is removed, results are visible after just one week and will be permanent in most cases.

Do you have doubts about your situation, as to whether or not you should be allowed to do something? Then contact us!

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