Peeling Easy Phen Very Light: experience and recovery by day

The Easy Phen Very Light peel (EPVL) is a chemical peel to treat progressing skin aging and. Your skin texture improves with this deep peel and is also lifted and tightened subcutaneously, causing wrinkles to fade. Once your skin has recovered, it will look smoother, softer and tighter. Skin discoloration is also significantly reduced. In consultation with the doctor, Yvonne chose the EPVL because she wanted overall skin rejuvenation and had little to no pigmentation.

for photo peeling

Before treatment

She describes her recovery from day to day as follows:

The treatment was not too bad. My face feels especially warm and red. After the treatment I slept reasonably well, lying on my back though.

Pain score 4

Day 1 after peeling

My skin is already slightly less red, though some redness under my eyes and the side of my face is sensitive. I normally wear lenses and I am not allowed to wear them now. I have a headache from wearing my glasses. Getting some fresh air with cap on, scarf and sunglasses on to protect my skin. Before bedtime, the face is more swollen/swollen.

Pain score 4

Day 2 after peeling

Swollen tight face. This feels especially weird around the mouth. The skin feels very tight and I can only open my mouth a little bit. Under the chin, small sheets are already appearing. Putting my lenses back in for the first time: very nice.

Pain score 2

Day 3 after peeling

The peeling continues, the corners of my mouth are broken. Called MOOI clinic, I can put Vaseline on it. Eating is difficult, my mouth cannot open very far. Then just eat oatmeal and smoothies. My skin feels super tight, looks like parchment and so has yet to burst. Weird shape mouth and no facial expressions.

Pain score 0

Day 4 after peeling

Molting continues well, especially now around the mouth. Eating is still difficult. A crust at the corner of my mouth due to tension on the skin. Well-wrapped in the evening went to theater, hidden behind scarf.

Pain score 0

Day 5 after peeling

Every day is a little better. Walked 10 km packed. While walking, the crust near my mouth fell off. Molting continues well. I don’t pull the sheets but cut them off.

Pain score 0

Day 6 after peeling

And another lot of sheets off. Checkup at MOOI clinic had, the process is going well. No more smearing cream on the sheets, eye makeup is allowed back on, and exercise is also allowed again (thankfully).

Pain score 0

Day 7-10 after peeling

From now on, things will go faster and faster. On Wednesday and Thursday some more skin under the eyes and on Saturday everything is gone.

Pain score 0

chemical peeling result

After peeling.