Here’s how to prepare for your surgery

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! You’ve made an important decision to embark on a transformative journey through aesthetic surgery, and perhaps you’ve even marked the surgery date on your calendar. Anticipation fills the air, accompanied by a hint of excitement and a touch of nerves. If everything has been going well, you’ve already had detailed discussions with one of our specialists during your initial consultation, so you know what to expect. Remember, if any questions come up along the way, you can always contact us. To ensure that you are fully prepared for the procedure and to optimize your recovery, we’d like to help you with a few additional tips. This way, you can take care of your overall well-being and attend to certain preparations in advance.

Start with a healthy lifestyle

Being in good shape, both mentally and physically, before surgery can help with a better recovery. There are always risks of complications but we want to minimize them. In addition, we want any scars involved with your surgery to heal as beautifully as possible. Scar healing depends on the surgical technique use of course, but it also has to do with how your body heals. It’s very important not to smoke because the risk of complications from an infection and wound healing are much higher in smokers than in people who do not smoke.

Healthy living and healthy eating also generally helpful for recovery after surgery. So before the surgery, it’s best to eat healthy because after the surgery you often eat less. This is because, among other things, you must fast on the day of surgery.

Additional nutrients

When you have surgery, your body needs specific extra nutrients. Make sure you get enough nutrients through a balanced diet. Do you find this difficult? R-support has worked with a team of experts to develop two science-based nutritional supplements. These shakes contain the extra nutrients you need for your surgery.

Stop smoking & consuming alcohol (temporarily)

Smoking gets in the way of a good recovery. The nicotine in smoking products has been scientifically proven to increase the risk of infections. Be sure to stop smoking entirely at least 2 weeks before surgery. It is also wise not to smoke for 6 weeks after the procedure.

Also, temporarily give up wine and other alcoholic beverages prior to and after your procedure. This is because alcohol causes your blood to dilute which in turn can cause complications during and after the procedure.

You need to arrange some things

Prior to your surgery, there are a number of things you need to take care of. You’ll undergo the surgery, but you won’t do it alone.

Arrange transportation & help at home

Even though surgeries differ, they have one thing in common: you cannot drive home on your own after the procedure. Therefore, it’s wise to arrange how you will get home safely after the procedure. Ask a family member or friend to help you. After most surgeries, you’re not allowed to drive a car until 1 week after the procedure, and in the case of some surgeries, even longer.

Do you have young children? Naturally, you’re mindful of your children, but now they must also be extra careful with you. After coming home from surgery, you should not lift anything or bend over. Therefore, arrange for help at home especially for the first week, so that you give your body rest and it can heal properly. Don’t have children? It’s still advisable to have someone around to help you with housework and to help take care of you.

Arranging time off from work

You’ll need to rest at least 1 to 2 weeks after surgery (depending on the procedure). You cannot work during this period. Always consult with the plastic surgeon about whether you can return to work. The plastic surgeon can give you good advice about this during the consultation.


After surgery, the treated area will feel sensitive and sore for some time. Therefore, make sure you wear or bring comfortable clothing to the clinic. Choose loose garments that you feel comfortable in. Also consider shoes or slippers that are easy to get into.

Do you need to wear compression garments or a sports bra after your surgery? Then it’s handy to have a spare in the house, so order it in advance. You’ll be provide one set immediately after surgery and it is included in the price of the surgery.

Aftercare at home: nutrition & pain relief

When you think about recovery, you also think bout nutrition. Because in addition to rest, proper nutrition is also conducive to proper healing. We therefore recommend trying to eat as much healthy food as possible during your recovery. You don’t have to go for green smoothies (although you can!) but at least make sure you drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. It can be useful to buy some groceries and prepare some meals in advance, especially with procedures like breast augmentation. Then you don’t have to worry about this.

After surgery, you may have pain where you had surgery. You may take paracetamol to manage this pain so make sure you have enough of this at home before the procedure. In consultation with the plastic surgeon, you’ll receive other painkillers. Do you have an allergy or are you on medication? Always discuss this with the plastic surgeon.

The day of surgery

Surgery day has arrived. It’s good to know what to do.

Are you anxious?

We understand that undergoing surgery can cause some stress and stir up some nerves. Try to get some rest before the day of your surgery so you can be sufficiently rested for the procedure. Are you finding this difficult? Try to talk about it with family and or friends. You can also try meditation.


Surgery can only take place if you fast. Fasting means not eating or drinking from midnight (0 a.m.) however, you can take your morning medication with a glass of water, unless you have been given clear instructions not to take certain medications. Furthermore, do not eat or drink anything else! Women taking the birth control pill are advised to continue taking it. After anesthesia, don’t expect full protection against pregnancy for the rest of your cycle.

Taking a shower or bath

You may not be allowed to shower temporarily after surgery, and bathing is usually not allowed for several weeks! So enjoy a nice shower or hot bath because you may not be able to for a while.

What to take with you to MOOI Clinic

If the surgery takes place in the operating room of MOOI Clinic, what do you need to pack?

  • Your ID or passport
  • The medications you need this day.
  • If in your possession, your medication card.
  • If you wear contact lenses a storage case and fluid + glasses
  • Loose-fitting and easy to put on clothing
  • Shoes or slippers that are easy to get into
  • Phone + charger
  • Toiletries
  • If desired, a book/journal/tablet and/or earbuds

You can leave valuables (money, jewelry, piercings, etc.) at home. It is strictly forbidden to wear jewelry in the operating room.

Still have questions? Feel free to call us or fill out the contact form.

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