Radiesse®: collagen stimulator

Radiesse is a filler that provides more volume and a lifting effect. It consists of calcium microspheres and a gel that stimulates collagen production in the skin. At MOOI Clinic, we work with a variety of A-brand fillers at our private clinic in Maastricht. We’re happy to advise you on choosing between options. Schedule a consultation.

The filler treatment with Radiesse

Before treatment with Radiesse (or as early as the initial consultation), the doctor will take photographs for your medical records. The plastic surgeon or dermatologist injects the Radiesse filler with very thin needles into the area to be treated. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and no anesthesia is necessary. Afterwards, your skin is somewhat red and swollen. After just a few days, you can see results. The Radiesse filler has a dual effect. It temporarily fills in wrinkles, but also stimulates collagen production. New collagen is produced over the weeks and months following the treatment, making sagging skin tighter and more elastic.

Thinking about Botox® and fillers?

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