Drs. Michelle Feijen

I get a lot of positive energy when people are a little bit happier with themselves after surgery. ''

About Michelle

‘I have been working as a plastic surgeon since 2016. Plastic surgery is a very creative and special profession. For each individual problem, we devise the best solution. Often we reconstruct or improve something that an illness or accident has taken away. We are literally “rebuilding something.” This often leads to an improvement in our patients’ quality of life.

‘In aesthetic surgery we improve something about someone’s appearance, often this is something that people have been struggling with for years. The beauty of this is that, often with a subtle change, we make people happier. This gives me, as a plastic surgeon, great satisfaction.

Especially in aesthetic surgery, honest communication with clients is very important. In my opinion, this contributes to trust in each other. When patients go into surgery feeling good, it often leads to a better recovery and ultimately satisfied clients.


I was trained at Maastricht University Medical Center, Catharina Hospital Eindhoven and Maxima Medical Center in Veldhoven. After my training, I did another aesthetic fellowship in New York and Dallas to further explore aesthetic surgery. Here I also learned how to work with the EarWell system. We can now offer this preventive treatment for ear abnormalities for Dutch babies.

Areas of focus



Body & other


When I am not working I take care of my 8-year-old son and do fitness and yoga.

I have a special interest in personal development in various fields. Healthy nutrition, fitness and spirituality. I also read a lot about this in my spare time.

I speak Dutch, English and German.

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