The alternative to breast implants: your own fat

The question regularly arises as to whether silicone breast implants are safe. What should you look for when considering breast implants? What are the advantages and disadvantages of breast implants? If you are considering breast augmentation, it is a good idea to learn about the various options and risks. Do you choose implants or an alternative?

Breast implants

breast implants

Good to know is that MOOI Clinic only works with breast implants that have been medically examined and approved. Silicone prostheses are one of the best researched prostheses, placed inside the body. The first silicone prostheses were placed as long as 60 years ago, and since then there has been a tremendous amount of research into the pros and cons.

The biggest advantage of breast implants is that you see the results immediately after surgery. You have the opportunity to enlarge by several cup sizes in one surgery. Breast implants come in many shapes and sizes, and in addition, they can also be placed in different ways. Each person is unique and has different needs. Therefore, it is also not possible to determine from the Internet what is the best solution for you. As with any surgery, there is a risk of complications. This is usually not serious and easily remedied.

Alternative: breast augmentation with your own fat

Many people do not know that there is an alternative to breast implants – breast augmentation with your own fat. Breast augmentation with your own fat, is also called lipofilling. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular because this breast augmentation is performed using the body’s own material. We remove fat cells where you can miss them, such as from your abdomen, legs or hips. The fat is then used to enlarge your breasts. A completely safe method AND the result is very natural.

Advantages and disadvantages of lipofilling?

A big advantage of lipofilling is that it is your own body tissue. There is no chance of complaints because your body recognizes your tissue. Your new breasts feel smooth and natural. Also, this treatment does not leave large scars.

One disadvantage of breast augmentation with your own fat is the volume that can be inserted (at a time) is limited. Of course, it also depends on your BMI and fat percentage. Per surgery, we achieve enlargement of one-half to one full cup size. For example, to go from cup A to C, you usually have to undergo two surgeries. Another disadvantage is that a percentage of the inserted fat may still disappear. This varies from person to person.

So if you want a visible breast augmentation, adding several cup sizes, then breast augmentation with implants may be the best solution for you. The plastic surgeons at MOOI Clinic have extensive experience with both methods and can give you good advice on implants and alternatives during a consultation.

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