Silicone breast implants

The importance of nuanced reporting and solid research

Media coverage of breast implants is often unsubtle and disproportionately focused on potential dangers. Using a much-discussed study of silicone breast prostheses , the authors of this article show how flawed research methodology can lead to a distorted picture of risk.

Unsubtle reporting based on flawed research leads to unnecessary anxiety for women with silicone breast implants. Plastic surgeon Michelle sat down with René to discuss breast prostheses. What will be discussed? Among others:

  • Complaints with breast prostheses: how is it investigated?
  • Is there a link between complaints and breast prostheses?
  • Do the symptoms disappear if you remove the breast prostheses?
  • Are breast prostheses safe?

Watch entire vlog here for the answers to those questions!

Feel MOOI,
Michelle and René

SOURCE: Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. 2022;166:D6515