Botulinum toxin treatment: those who want to be BEAUTIFUL…don’t have to feel pain

Many clients, women and men, experience injectable treatment as painful. Although I often give out shots myself, I am not a hero at getting injections myself. For example, I myself always reluctantly go to get the annual flu shot. Sweat is already breaking out on my way to the puncture site. The prick followed by a brief burning pain when the fluid is injected is fortunately short-lived and not too bad in retrospect. Through the vaccination, I hope not to transmit flu from the hospital to patients or my family. Still, I can’t get used to this annual ritual. I sometimes notice this with some clients who come for filler or botulinum toxin treatments. Despite the effectiveness of treatments, many people still look forward to them.

Virtually painless injection

At MOOI Clinic, we are constantly looking for new developments that improve the comfort and quality of treatment. As of now, we can inject Botulinum toxin treatments(Botox® or Bocouture®) virtually painlessly. This is because we can create them in a special solution. This does not affect the action of the toxin. In short: an equally effective treatment but with much less pain. Only the prick with the thin needle is felt; the injection of the fluid is no longer felt. If you come 30 minutes in advance, a special numbing cream can also be applied in addition to this, making the pain during treatment even less. However, use of anesthetic creams does not make the treatment completely painless. If you would like some form of anesthesia, please indicate the degree of anesthesia you desire when scheduling your appointment.

Because if you want to be beautiful, then with the right anesthetic technique, you certainly don’t have to be in pain! Even with filler treatments, there are options for treatment with anesthesia or use of special cannulas making the treatment more pleasant and perceived as less painful. Make an appointment soon!

Feel MOOI,