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Eyelid surgery experience: Nadiyah’s story from preparation to recovery

“For years, my drooping eyelids especially bothered me myself, every time I saw pictures of myself it bothered me greatly. At one point, I only wanted my picture taken with my sunglasses on. In addition to my eyes not looking okay, I also suffered from tired and heavy eyes. In addition, I feel that the intensive swimming with goggles has only made this worse.

At one point, I only wanted my picture taken with my sunglasses on.

Plastic surgery for me was always something I would not possibly do until later, when I was older (now 37). Reactions from those around me were also mostly; already now and why? But I noticed that I felt less and less happy about it and started looking into eyelid surgery online. In addition, I also entered into low-level discussions with Prof. Dr. Van der Hulst about whether I would qualify for eyelid surgery at all. This contact felt knowledgeable and familiar after which I made an appointment at the MOOI clinic.

overhanging eyelids

Photographs are taken before the procedure

For photo eyelid surgery experience

After the consultation, immediately set the treatment date

During the consultation, I was taken through the entire process of the procedure and treatment method. The MOOI Clinic places a particularly high value on quality, and that is important to me. Enthusiastic and mega excited I left the clinic, as the eyelid surgery appointment was scheduled!

An eyelid correction costs €800, including all pre- and aftercare. Schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon first!

The surgery was not too bad

I had been looking forward to it for weeks and in October it finally arrived. I was fairly tense but was soon put at ease by Prof. Dr. Van der Hulst and the assistant. The surgery itself went very smoothly and I felt very little. I was amazed at the speed of everything. I was given good explanations about aftercare and before I knew it I was outside. I was given a nice bag containing information leaflets, an ice pack, scar cream and a MOOI mirror. They put a lot of effort into it, and I can only really appreciate that.

The recovery

The day after the surgery, I was called at home asking how I was feeling and if there was anything else they could help me with. TOP Service! One week I frequently refrigerated with bags of frozen peas, these were out of order at home but it did its job. A week after the procedure, the stitches were taken out, another exciting moment… But this too went very smoothly and was painless. Even though my eyelids were still swollen, I saw the difference immediately: I suddenly had an open look! About two weeks later, you saw almost nothing of the swelling and surgery.


eyelid surgery result

upper eyelid surgery experience

I received many compliments from those around me and more often than not I received comments that I really should have done this much earlier! Every morning when I look in the mirror, I’m glad I did it. I can put on eyeshadow again and go back to taking pictures without sunglasses.

I would recommend it to anyone suffering from droopy eyelids, regardless of age! It’s about being comfortable in your skin, being able to look at yourself in the mirror and being okay with that. If such a relatively minor procedure can help you with that, especially do it!