International Masterclass in lipofilling breasts

A two-day master class on lipofilling of the breasts took place at MOOI Clinic Maastricht on March 16 and 17. Lipofilling is a cosmetic procedure that uses the body’s own fat tissue to increase or improve volume in certain areas of the body. The master class was intended for international plastic surgeons who are interested in this technique and want to learn from experienced specialists.

The master class was led by MOOI plastic surgeons Andrzej Piatkowski de Grzymala, Darren Booi and An Deliaert, experts in lipofilling breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. Through short lectures, a hands-on demonstration of the necessary materials and live surgeries, participants were given all the information needed to achieve great results with lipofilling. Also discussed were the benefits of pretreatment with the EVE Cups, a new method in which more of one’s own fat can be returned to the breasts in one operation.

According to Dr. Andrzej Piatkowski de Grzymala, lipofilling is an increasingly popular technique in cosmetic surgery. “Lipofilling is a versatile and effective way to increase volume in certain areas of the body, such as the breasts,” said Piatkowski de Grzymala. “In addition, the technique has the advantage of using the body’s own material, which reduces the risk of complications and rejection.”

The master class participants were very enthusiastic about the course.