Here’s how to prepare for your rhinoplasty

You’ve decided to have a rhinoplasty. The date for surgery has been set and you are ready to say goodbye to the shape of your old nose that has bothered you for years. You have discussed your wishes and expectations at length with the plastic surgeon. You may also know that there are different rhinoplasty procedures. Such as a nostril, nose tip or extended rhinoplasty. The plastic surgeon also alerted you to aftercare and living rules after a rhinoplasty. In short, you are ready for surgery. Right?

Because it is quite exciting to have a rhinoplasty done, our plastic surgeons prepare you as best they can. Prof. Dr. René van der Hulst is happy to give you some additional tips to help you prepare properly for the procedure. Because for any surgery, the better you prepare the better the recovery will be. Schedule your first consultation here.

Start with a healthy lifestyle

Being in good shape, both mentally and physically, before any surgery can help with a better recovery. There are always risks of complications but we want to minimize them. It is very important not to smoke because the risk of complications in the form of infection and wound healing problems is much higher in smokers than in people who do not smoke.

Arranging time off from work

It is important to schedule a rest period after surgery. Your nose will be packed anyway, and you should also cool frequently. Pain is not likely to be experienced, but rather certain discomforts. After 1 week you should be allowed to resume light work, but arranging 2 weeks off from work is not a luxury. The plastic surgeon can give you good advice about this during the consultation.

Arranging help at home

You shouldn’t do too much in and around the house either. Especially for the first few days, you really need to take it easy and not bend over or exert yourself. All household chores should be handed over to someone else for a while. It is nice to have someone around you who can support and care for you. Extra tip! It’s also nice to have your house nice and tidy in preparation: a clean bed, no more piles of laundry and a cleaned house so you can get on with it for a week.

Arrange transportation

After rhinoplasty, you are not allowed to drive home independently and alone. Make an appointment with someone and have them take you and pick you up. The advice is not to get behind the wheel yourself until 1 week after surgery.

Not wearing glasses

You should not wear glasses for the first six weeks after surgery. So if you are an eyeglass wearer, then you need to figure this out in advance. It is nice if you are used to contact lenses before surgery. Can you really not tolerate lenses? Then it is important that your glasses do not support on your nose. Taping your glasses to your forehead is among the serious tips from our clients who have undergone rhinoplasty.

Get these goodies in the house

After the surgery, you would rather not leave the house, and in addition, it is convenient to have some products in the house before the surgery. Get the following anyway:

  • Nasal spray with saline solution
  • Paracetamol
  • Bag of frozen peas

Also get enough food in the house and, if necessary, prepare some meals in advance so that you only need to heat them up. We often hear from our clients that large and hard foods are not nice to eat after rhinoplasty, but also be careful with very hot drinks and soups. Fruit and cooked vegetables are always good.

Get enough paracetamol to get through the first few days. In consultation with the plastic surgeon, you will receive other painkillers. Also remember that it’s better to avoid coughing and sneezing after surgery because of the pressure you put on your face. Do you have an allergy or are you on medication? Always discuss this with the plastic surgeon.

It can also be nice to sleep with an extra pillow so you don’t lie completely flat.

This is what you take with you to MOOI clinic

The rhinoplasty takes place in the operating room of MOOI Clinic. What do you all need to pack?

  • Your ID or passport
  • Loose-fitting and easy clothing
  • Shoes or slippers that are easy to get into
  • Phone + charger
  • Toiletries
  • If desired, a book/journal/tablet and/or earbuds

Being sober

If you are having surgery in the morning, it is important that you come to MOOI Clinic sober. This means not eating, drinking and smoking in the evening from midnight.

Personal consultation & preparation

Our plastic surgeons prefer to see you well prepared for surgery. During the consultation you will get a lot of information and also have the opportunity to ask all your questions. Have questions? Then contact us!


Feel MOOI,