Headaches due to drooping eyelids

Eyelid surgery is not always performed for cosmetic reasons. Sometimes complaints are also reasons to have eyelid surgery. One of the most common complaints due to drooping eyelids are fatigue and headaches. How this can be done, plastic surgeon An Deliaert is happy to explain.

How do you know it’s because of the eyelids?

It may take a while to figure out that the headaches you experience daily are due to drooping eyelids. Some people think they suffer from migraines, stress or that it is part of menopause, for example. However, if you have daily headaches and suffer from tired eyes, the cause may well be your eyelids. Sometimes it can also be due to a low brow position combined with overhanging upper eyelids. In men, low-hanging eyebrows are also common. If this is the problem, it can also cause headaches. This is more common than you think.

Lifting and pressure

If you have drooping eyelids then you are probably unknowingly lifting your eyebrows daily. Droopy eyelids create pressure on your eyes and can also impair your vision. Headaches occur when you continuously strain and overwork certain muscles. When you consciously or unconsciously spend a lot of time opening your eyes or raising your eyebrows, headaches are a logical consequence.

Eyelid surgery against headache symptoms

When headache symptoms are caused by tired eyelids, eyelid surgery may be a solution to the symptoms. After eyelid surgery, you can look relaxed again. Forehead wrinkles caused by raising your eyebrows a lot will also fade. If you have low-profile eyebrows, then eyelid surgery is not the right treatment. Only a brow elevator can then remedy your symptoms.

During a consultation, the plastic surgeon always looks at the proportions of your face and then what is the best treatment for your symptoms.

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