Preparation for eyelid surgery

Do you suffer from overhanging eyelids? Do you look tired? Or do the bags under your eyes bother you? Eyelid surgery provides a fresh and rested look. We can also correct complaints such as fatigue caused by heavy eyelids with eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the Netherlands. Under local anesthesia, the plastic surgeon removes the excess skin. Still, it is good to prepare for the procedure. Therefore, we would like to give you some tips.

Start with a healthy lifestyle

We advise all our clients to quit smoking around the time of treatment. Also, do not drink alcohol or take blood-thinning painkillers such as: aspirin and ibuprofen. Quitting smoking has a beneficial effect on wound healing.

Buying Stuff

After eyelid surgery, you would rather not leave the house. In preparation, it is a good idea to get frozen peas in the house beforehand and divide them into sandwich bags. Frozen peas are not only healthy, they are ideal for cooling the eyes after surgery. Do always put a gauze between them when cooling. Of course, you can also cool with a cold pack or cooling goggles.

Furthermore, it is definitely recommended to buy a scar cream for proper care and keeping the scar supple. Once the last scabs are naturally gone (do not scratch) then scar cream may be used. This can be purchased at our clinic. We are happy to explain the best way to care for the scar.

Also remember to protect your eyes from the sun, especially in the first few months after eyelid surgery.


We recommend not driving home independently and alone after the procedure. Make an appointment with someone and have them take you and pick you up. Of course, someone may also wait in our waiting room with a nice cup of coffee or tea!

Eyelid surgery and your job

The most ideal is to resume your activities after a week; of course, this also depends on the work you do. After one week, the stitches were removed and most of the swelling/ bruising healed. Still be careful with lifting and applying pressure. Discuss this during the consultation with the plastic surgeon.


It is wise to rest for the first few days. The pain and swelling are thereby reduced as much as possible. Taking a walk, for example, is fine, but don’t go cleaning the whole house or running a marathon.

A painkiller is usually not necessary. Thin eyelid skin normally heals quickly and well.

It is also good not to wear makeup, at least no eye makeup.

A lipstick or foundation, of course, is allowed as normal. After 3 weeks, you may also resume using eye makeup.

Feel MOOI,