Breast augmentation experience: Laura’s story from surgery to recovery

I had been walking around with the idea of enlarging my breasts for a long time. It started at least about 9 years ago, I was 18 at the time. I noticed that my girlfriends had much more breast development than I had. Everyone may have said that with my smaller breasts I had a tight stomach, but I myself felt more like I was “out of proportion” with the rest of my body.

Fear of anesthesia

Although I would love to have breast augmentation, the fear of anesthesia held me back. I had developed tremendous fear due to the horror stories that could be read everywhere about various surgeries. Cries like, “I witnessed the entire surgery, but couldn’t say anything” or “I went into surgery and woke up in the ICU a few days/weeks later,” discouraged me from undergoing the surgery purely because of fear of anesthesia and possible complications.

This kept me putting off the breast augmentation consultation. Meanwhile, I preferred not to appear in public in a bikini. For example, I didn’t go to a public pool for the last two years before surgery, only when I really couldn’t get out of it, but even then it was always a mental battle.

Breast augmentation experience

Still tied the knot

On vacation, I suddenly had enough. I really wanted to have something done to my breasts anyway. My friend knew a plastic surgeon and so began my search for a good clinic to schedule the initial consultation. I ended up at MOOI Clinic and I mostly immersed myself in the doctors themselves. It was important to me to feel good about that. After all, you entrust your body to it.

At MOOI Clinic I felt heard

For the first time, I really felt heard. Finally a doctor who indicated that he saw my problem and could imagine that I wanted something done about it. I found Michelle Feijen to be very empathetic and honest. During the consultation, everything was well explained, from implant location (placement), possible risks and complications and recovery. After the consultation, I did not hesitate for a second and immediately indicated that I wanted to do it.

Eventually Marleen Meesters operated on me, but this was purely because no clear date emerged from the Zuyderland (i.e. corona). I then also had an intake with Marleen and that also felt very good.

breast augmentation recovery experience

Others thought my body was beautiful, but I thought it was terrible that way!

Day of surgery

I had actually slept quite well, but had resolved to ask for something restful before the surgery anyway. My biggest fear was still the anesthesia. From other people’s experiences, I understood that they were mostly afraid of the pain of and after the surgery, but I took that for granted.

I knew I wasn’t allowed to bring an escort into the ward, this only made it more exciting for me. When I was finally in the room, a nice single room, a nurse joined me fairly quickly. After this one checked my premedication and parameters, I was able to go to recovery +/- 1 hour later. Here my IV was poked and the atmosphere was so relaxed, it calmed me down as well.

Once in the operating room, I could hear from the beeps of the monitor, that I was physically more tense anyway, than I consciously realized.

After another joke was made about the anesthesia, in my opinion, I went to sleep peacefully. As everyone experiences; I was awake again 5 seconds later to my senses. I was allowed to call my friend and parents here and was taken to the room about 30 minutes later.

After I stayed here for several hours and Marleen Meesters was still with me, I was allowed to go home. This day was 1000% better for me despite everything.

after breast augmentation

Immediately after surgery


After surgery, my breasts were somewhat sore. Especially the first few days are a bit spicier. I had trouble getting up, felt the scar pulling, and sometimes I felt tremendous pains and stitches in my chest. Not being sure if this was normal, I contacted MOOI Clinic. Here she reassured me that this was all part of it.

My tip is to prepare well for your recovery. I had taken 3 weeks off from work and I had also made sure that someone was there to help me for the first few days. Otherwise, you cross boundaries too quickly. Furthermore, I had ordered a feeding pillow, because they indicated that I should not sleep on my side. I know from myself that I am quite mobile when I sleep and with this pillow I was very comfortable “fixed” on my back.

Recovery has been successful. I noticed that I could do more and more without a pulling sensation on the scar under my breast. After the recommended time I also slowly started working out again, this did me very well. After all, I had recovered a bit from not (being allowed to) do anything anyway and just wanted to work toward being satisfied with my body again.

Result: from 75B to 75E

from B to D E cup

The result, in a nutshell; BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy with the choice I made, for the clinic, the surgeon and, of course, the procedure. I came from a 75B cup and now have a nice 75E cup.

It has given me a huge boost in my self-confidence and I really needed this. The implants are now also settling in nicely naturally, so just speak highly of everything regarding the procedure and the people who made it possible.

Thank you so much!