Lipofilling the breasts with the EVE cups: a larger cup size

Breast augmentation using your own body fat through lipofilling is becoming increasingly popular. It is the most natural way to enlarge your breasts. One major disadvantage of breast augmentation with your own fat compared to breast implants is that the volume that can be inserted is often limited. Per treatment, breasts can be enlarged about one cup size … at least they were. Because now lipofilling breast augmentation can be combined with EVE Cups. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrzej Piatkowski de Grzymala is doing pioneering research in the BREAST trial with lipofilling and is the only plastic surgeon in the Netherlands with so much experience with this lipofilling technique with pretreatment with the EVE Cups. Andrzej is happy to talk more about the EVE Cups in this interview.

What is EVE?

EVE stands for “External Vacuum Expander” and is a new method in which more fat can be returned to the breasts in one operation. EVE is also known as the “BRAVA Bra.” EVE consists of two cups that you wear in preparation for lipofilling treatment. It was developed by Roger Khouri, an American plastic surgeon. One of the limiting factors in reconstructing a breast with lipofilling is the elasticity of the skin. And through the EVE/BRAVA you increase the stretchability.

So how does it work?

You wear the EVE cups like a bra. The cups are placed over your breasts and suck on your skin – like a vacuum created by a device – creating more space in your breasts. This vacuum creates an edema, that is, fluid in the breast tissue, and this makes the skin stay stretched. Women wear the EVE bra 2 weeks before lipofilling treatment and up to 4 weeks after. A total of about 200 hours and that amounts to at least 10 hours a day.

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EVE cups lipofilling

Wearing the cups 10 hours a day sounds pretty intense?

That’s right. It requires discipline and the first few days wearing the EVE bra won’t be that comfortable either. About this, we give women a full education before treatment starts.

So with the EVE Cups, I can still enlarge several cup sizes with my own fat?

This is still difficult to estimate in advance and depends on many factors. During a consultation, however, we can give a better indication of this. If enough fat can be extracted from the donor area, then more fat can be placed in the breasts after wearing the EVE Cups than without this pretreatment. In addition to allowing more fat to be reinserted, the reinserted fat cells experience less pressure after EVE, so more fat cells successfully grow in/remain.

Can the EVE Cups be worn by anyone?

Yes, but it is not necessary for everyone. The EVE Cups are specially designed for women with small breasts, with tight skin. When the breasts, and therefore the skin, is very sagging due to weight loss or pregnancy, for example, the skin does not need to be stretched further for lipofilling. The cups are now widely used in the BREAST Trial study, in women whose breasts need to be completely reconstructed after breast cancer. But it can therefore also be applied to women with little breast formation.

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