Terms and abbreviations in plastic surgery

How many days po is this? Who else has had a bwc using fld and 360 lipo? A BV with 300 cc and handled by PC Masters. Anyone who starts looking into aesthetic surgery will come across all the terms and abbreviations that make you think, huh what does this mean? Therefore, we would like to explain to you the most common abbreviations and terms.


What does PO mean?

PO = Post Operation, meaning after surgery. Often people keep track of their results and talk about 1 week po or 6 months po. So then they mean the result 1 week after the procedure.

What does PC mean?

Then we are talking about the plastic surgeon.


What does bwc mean?

This is simply the abbreviation for tummy tuck.

What does fdl mean

This stands for fleur-de-lis and is a surgical technique.

What are dog ears?

An accumulation of excess skin at the hips (flanks). This is a possible late complication after a tummy tuck and usually occurs at the tip of the scar. Usually this goes away over time. Sometimes it is necessary to remove these “dog ears.”

What is lipo?

By this they mean liposuction, the removal of fat.

Breast Corrections

What does augmentation mean?

In the world of plastic surgery, we are talking about breast augmentation.

What is Demi?

This is about the profile of a breast implant. Profiles can be low, medium, high or extra high. Motiva speaks of Mini, Demi, Full and Corsé. For example, a Demi 300 cc prosthesis with a diameter of 11.5 cm has a height of 3.9 cm, while the same amount of filling of 300 cc in Corsé has a height or projection of 4.9 cm.

What is Full?

See above explanation of breast implant profiles.

What does “cc?” mean?

The volume of the breast implant is expressed in cc’s. CC stands for cubic centimeters.

What does dual plane mean?

This is a surgical method in which breast prostheses are placed partially under your own breast tissue and breast muscle.

What is a haircut?

We are not talking about your hair here, but about haircutting. You can read more about it here.


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