What eyelid surgery does to you

When one opts for an upper eyelid correction, there is usually overhanging eyelids that slightly obstruct the patient’s field of vision, possibly resulting in fatigue. From an aesthetic point of view, the patient looks more tired or older. This can cause a negative self-image. Therefore, the goal of upper eyelid surgery is to achieve a fresh and rested look, reduce fatigue, headaches and improve the field of vision. Lower eyelid surgery primarily addresses puffiness and wrinkles and has primarily an aesthetic effect. Both eyelid corrections thus provide a beautiful result from a medical, aesthetic and psychological point of view.

Aging ailment

“Despite the fact that these complaints fall under the so-called aging ailments, it is perceived as a serious problem. Fortunately, this is easily remedied and very accepted from a social point of view. The best part of my job as a plastic surgeon, is that form and function are always considered in treatment. Whether it is reconstructive treatment or aesthetic surgery, both require creativity and finesse for optimal results. From my profession, I look at the patient primarily from a medical and aesthetic point of view. However, the psychological effects are also very positive. Retrospectively, patients often indicate, perhaps, that they waited too long to choose treatment because recovery time is short and self-esteem is greatly improved. Some patients literally feel like a different person and have fewer health complaints. There are several references about this on our clinic’s website”. Says Dr. Darren Booi, plastic surgeon and medical director at MOOI Clinic.

“I am very happy that I dared to take the step. It made me a different person. My eyes can be seen again. It was also a pleasant experience, a nice and even cozy atmosphere. My family and friends are amazed that my eyelids healed so quickly”. Thus one of the

About MOOI Clinic

“MOOI Clinic works with a unique best-of-both-worlds concept for safe high-quality aesthetic care in Limburg. The team consists only of six well-trained, licensed and highly skilled plastic surgeons. Doctor Darren Booi studied medicine at Maastricht University and specialized as a plastic surgeon at MUMC. In 2013-2014, he completed a Fellowship from the American Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) in New York and Dallas. Since 2012, Dr. Booi has worked at Zuyderland and at MUMC (Maastricht UMC+). At MOOI Clinic, Dr. Darren Booi is a sought-after plastic surgeon and one of the co-founders. “We don’t want to be the biggest clinic in the Netherlands, we want to be the best. Our plastic surgeons have broad knowledge and experience and also work at the MUMC, Zuyderland and VieCuri hospitals,” said Dr. Darren Booi.

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