Sjraar’s eyelid surgery: read his experience and story

About three years ago, my wife first made a comment about my sagging eyelids. At first I didn’t worry about this, but after a while I began to look at it more seriously myself. I began to look more at other individuals with drooping eyelids and found that they looked older and more tired than they were. This made me more aware of my own appearance. Then, in mid-2018, I started thinking more seriously about eyelid surgery.

‘Now you really need to do something about your eyelids!’

droopy eyelids man

Via family doctor to Zuyderland to MOOI clinic

When I noticed it was really bothering me, I went to my doctor in the fall of 2019 and we discussed eyelid surgery. When you hear with some regularity that you really do need to do something about those eyelids, it starts to gnaw. The family doctor understood my question and referred me to the “Plastic Surgery” department of Zuyderland. The plastic surgeon made it clear to me that surgery would be very real, but that the cost would be at my own expense because I did not meet the health insurance company’s criteria. He made me aware of the MOOI clinic.

“The price was slightly higher, but their professionalism was the deciding factor for me.

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In addition to the MOOI Clinic, I also consulted with another practice. For me, the choice of the MOOI clinic was quickly made. Although the price was admittedly slightly higher, the professional look was the deciding factor in my choice. The initial contacts (appointment setting; reception; intake) confirmed my perception of professionalism. The info provided at intake was clear and the contact informal (Surgeon: “I get tired looking at your eyes”). Plus, the wait time was limited by about four weeks, which is nice once you tie that knot.

The day of eyelid surgery and the result

eyelid surgery experiences

Having to undergo surgery near your eyes does not feel like a simple procedure, although eyelid surgery is a routine procedure. Fortunately, I did not feel much tension on the day of the correction and had full confidence in the duo performing the procedure; they were very relaxed.

I experienced no pain after the procedure, even after the anesthesia wore off. Instructions on what to do in the days after surgery were clear. Very nice that two cold packs for cooling were also provided.

My stitches were removed, despite the corona perils, and I also had an additional check-up. Having the surgery done makes me feel good. I hear more often that others have been considering a correction for some time, but don’t take the step. I can’t say other than that I am very happy with the result!

Sjraar van Heijster