Abdominoplasty after extreme weight loss

When I was in the process of losing weight, I already noticed that my belly was changing a lot. I was getting more and more excess skin. In total, I lost about 50 pounds. Of course I was super proud with this result, but the amount of excess skin was anything but beautiful. It just didn’t look right and I was miserable every time I looked in the mirror.

Unhappy and uncomfortable

In the weeks following weight loss, I really noticed how unhappy and uncomfortable I felt without clothes on. So I tried to avoid these situations as much as possible. Even while dressing, you are constantly confronted with your body.

Always pushing those sheets into your underwear….

Always pushing those sheets into your underwear … and on top of that, I suffered from blemishes and redness. Therefore, I started consciously thinking about the various possibilities of doing something about it.

for photo abdominoplasty

Have a tummy tuck?

I first looked into the options and also looked at the possible results (before and after photos of others). After staying at weight for quite some time, I finally started talking to my family doctor. He referred me to plastic surgery at the hospital in Heerlen. There I spoke to Dr. Booi during the consultation hour and I actually felt comfortable right away. That was quite a relief for me. I didn’t need to look any further or orient myself any further then either. I did look at more options but left it at that.

With Dr. Booi, I immediately reviewed all my options and discussed wishes. Not only my tummy tuck, but also a thigh tuck, breast elevator and upper arm tuck. How good it felt to be able to discuss this! During this conversation, the MOOI clinic was also discussed because not all procedures would be covered by health insurance. So when all the applications were out the door I started reading up on MOOI clinic.

The day of the tummy tuck

The day of the tummy tuck was a very special day for me! I was so happy and relieved that I was allowed to go and be helped. It may sound strange but for me it was a treat that I got to go.

Of course you will have some discomfort after the correction but it is fine! These temporary inconveniences outweigh the beauty you get in return!

Life changing result

after photo abdominoplasty

extreme weight loss tummy tuck

The result is great, I couldn’t have wished for better. I can only recommend having it done. The surgery has really changed my life and for that I am very grateful and happy. When I look in the mirror now, I enjoy a normal, flat belly! No more excess skin, no more blemishes and no more embarrassment for my belly. The scars have also healed very well and you can barely see them now.

It turned out so beautifully, so I look forward confidently to the next two procedures. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for that (due to corona) and it will happen soon!