Am I too young for eyelid surgery?

Am I too young for eyelid surgery? This is a question we frequently hear when people come in for eyelid surgery. What we look at in particular is how much eyelid discomfort people have. This ranges from eyestrain, heavy, tired eyes to substantial visual field reduction where a person can no longer see ahead properly. In addition, of course, you may have few complaints but just don’t like the overhanging eyelids.

The ideal age for eyelid surgery

As we age, the elasticity of the skin decreases; the skin becomes saggy. This causes the eyelids to droop and you may experience symptoms of heavy eyes, tired eyes, teary eyes, etc. These can be reasons to undergo eyelid surgery. However, it could also be that you just don’t like it without having many complaints. Age is somewhat less important. In some, the symptoms will appear a little earlier, in others a little later.

So there is no ideal age for eyelid surgery! If you want to know if you qualify for eyelid surgery, it is most helpful to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. The latter can determine in consultation with you whether it is necessary, whether you can expect improvement and what the result of treatment will be. Want to know more? Contact the MOOI Clinic and make an appointment!

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