Flaps and ear abnormalities in babies: here’s what you can do!

Was your baby born with an ear defect? In the Netherlands, 33% of babies are born with, to a greater or lesser extent, an abnormality in the shape of the ears. Protruding ears, or floppy ears, are most common. Other ear abnormalities often occur in the auricle, such as a folded ear or a deformity in the outer edge of the ear. Meanwhile, there is a solution to fix many ear defects in newborn babies: EarWell. Plastic surgeon Michelle Feijen is happy to explain more about EarWell through the 10 questions and answers.

What is EarWell?

EarWell is a clinically tested medical product that is applied around your baby’s ears a few days after birth. It is worn for an average of 4 to 6 weeks. At the end of treatment, your baby’s ears will have a normal shape.

No anesthesia, sedation or pain medication is required for EarWell application, as wearing EarWell is not painful. It is non-invasive and non-surgical and most importantly – it works!

Why should parents start treatment with EarWell in their baby?

Ear abnormalities are frequent in babies. This can lead to cosmetic concerns later in life. Besides being a cosmetic concern, it can also affect your child’s psychological and emotional development. Studies show that children with facial abnormalities, especially ear abnormalities are more likely to be bullied. As a result, many ear abnormalities have to be surgically corrected around age 6. The correction of these defects are often technically difficult, scarring and do not always lead to an optimal aesthetic result.

EarWell can make sure this is prevented.

What ear abnormalities can be treated with EarWell?

In principle, all ear abnormalities can be treated with EarWell. Flap ears is the most common, but there are 7 different other abnormalities that are also treated with EarWell.

floppy ears baby

How did you get in touch with EarWell?

In 2017, after completing my training as a plastic surgeon, I did a fellowship in America. A fellowship is a type of internship where you can learn even more about our field in another country. During my internship in Dallas, I got to know Dr. Byrd. He is the creator of EarWell and from him I learned the treatment. Together we treated several children. I was so enthusiastic about the results that I decided to bring the treatment to the Netherlands. This took some time. But now, therefore, Dutch children can also be treated with EarWell.

Why are you so excited about treatment with EarWell?

First, because it is a treatment that works very well. Clinical studies show a 95% success rate. On top of that, no surgery is required. Thus, children treated with EarWell have no scars and do not require anesthesia.

ear correction floppy ears baby

Are there any risks in treating with EarWell?

Very little, the only risk is that infants may sometimes get a pressure spot or irritation from the tape, this may result in the system having to be removed temporarily to allow the skin to calm down.

When should treatment with EarWell be started?

Preferably as soon as possible after birth. If the ear abnormality does not improve in the first week, then EarWell can be started.

My baby was born with an ear defect, what should I do?

Depending on the severity of the ear defect you could wait the first week to see if you see improvement, 30% of ear defects improve on their own, if you do not see improvement contact the MOOI clinic to schedule an appointment.

Is EarWell covered by health insurance?

Because it is an entirely new treatment in the Netherlands, it is not yet reimbursed by health insurance. This may change in the future.

Where is treatment with EarWell performed?

The treatment will be performed at the MOOI clinic.

For more information, please visit the website: www.earwell.nl

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