Aesthetic plastic surgery: luxury surgery?

Partly true, aesthetic treatments do not save lives. You can live to be 100 years old despite the burden of your heavy upper eyelids or the desire to change something about your appearance. In that sense, aesthetic treatments are indeed a luxury. Yet such treatment can greatly change your life for the better.


People who don’t know much about it (including doctors!) often have the wrong idea about aesthetic plastic surgery anyway. I initially had this myself….

When I started medical school, I also thought plastic surgery meant mostly exaggerated corrections of lips and breasts. This is the image that is magnified in the media mainly because it naturally produces juicy television with lots of ratings.

Natural Plastic Surgery

As my education progressed and I began to explore the plastic surgery profession, I noticed that the questions and desires people come up with are very normal and understandable.

Most people who want to change something about their appearance are looking for a natural enhancement/rejuvenation of their face or body; not hugely exaggerated puffed-up lips or breasts. ‘Natural’ and ‘in proportion’ are the words often used. Sometimes people have been struggling with an aspect of their body for years and would like to have it corrected. These are very empathetic problems and it is very satisfying when you can make these people happy, confident and happier.

The taboo is gone

Fortunately, aesthetic treatment is no longer a taboo subject. It is quite normal to spend money on nice clothes and good creams. Dyeing hair, nice fragrance, nice makeup, what do you look like? A botox treatment that softens or makes deep frown lines disappear is also simply accepted these days.

MOOI profession!

What is important, however, is that it is done properly and responsibly. Aesthetic plastic surgery is a profession for specialists. Take the time to know well what you would and would not like. A knowledgeable specialist can then work with you to find the right options. Then craftsmanship and attention to detail must ensure a beautiful result, “exactly as someone had hoped.

It is precisely this challenge that makes plastic surgery an incredibly beautiful profession. We don’t save lives directly, but we can do something about their quality.

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