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Lip filler: MOOI full lips

Not everyone is born with full lips. Thick or thin, your mouth and lips are real eye-catchers. Do you want to accentuate your lips more, or do you want more volume? Then a temporary lip filler is a safe and common choice. As you consider getting something done to your lips, we’d like to tell you what your options are and what steps you can take. During a consultation with a plastic surgeon at our private clinic located in Maastricht, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information so you can make an informed decision.

What can you do about thin lips?

You were born with thin lips and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are several ways to beautify your lips and make them appear fuller, such as with lipstick or a lip pencil. For years, lip fillers have also been a safe treatment for people with thin lips. With a lip filler, you actually add volume to your lips, whereas lipstick or permanent makeup only make a superficial difference.

Who are lip fillers suitable for?

Our clinic is visited by two types of clients:

  1. Relatively young people who desire fuller lips or a different shape (+21 years old)
  2. The “older client” who has lost volume and/or has lip lines (“smoker’s lines” or “barcodes”, as they’re often called).

From a general health perspective, filler treatment should not be performed on clients with active cold sores or when using certain medications. Lip filler treatment is also not possible during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Therefore, when consulting with the doctor, make sure you bring a record of medications and/or supplements used.

The lip fillers

The most commonly used fillers to enlarge lips contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. By injecting filler, the shape, structure or volume can be adjusted. Protect yourself with an A-brand hyaluronic acid. Ask for a hyaluronic acid whose long-term effects and risk of complications are known. At MOOI Clinic, we work only with safe and temporary fillers from well-known A-brands such as Belotero, as advised by the Dutch Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Dutch Society of Cosmetic Medicine.

It’s good to know that a lip filler is different from a “lip flip”. Lip flip treatment involves injecting a micr-odose of Botox into the muscles of the upper lip. Botox is a muscle relaxant and causes the upper lip to relax and thus curl slightly. This makes the lips appear a bit fuller and curl less inward when smiling.


During the consultation, the doctor will work with you to look at your face, lips and recommend an appropriate treatment for you – to make your lips more beautiful and fuller. You also talk about the desired result, which brand of filler is best, how many ml is needed and also the possible side effects. Often a treatment can be done immediately after the consultation.

The plastic surgeon or cosmetic doctor injects the filler into your lips with a very thin needle. The treatment takes about 20 minutes. As the lips are very sensitive, we numb the lips slightly using a cream or a dentist’s anesthetic. We focus on numbing where the small punctures will be placed around the mouth.

After the filler treatment

Immediately after treatment, your lips may be a little more red and puffy, but in many cases your lips look beautiful right away. After a few days you can already see the final result. To deal with any swelling, you can use a cold compress on the lips but avoid putting too much pressure on them. Don’t massage your lips either. Also, you shouldn’t exercise for 24 hours after the lip filler treatment, and don’t visit the sauna or tanning bed for 2 weeks after the treatment. The skin is extra sensitive when exposed to UV radiation which can affect the result.


Our specialists

Our specialists

Your appearance is precious to us. We believe that for proper treatment, you need the right people. Training, competence and quality can only be provided with specialists who understand their trade. We do not want to be the largest clinic in the Netherlands, but the best.


Immediately after treatment, your lips may still be a bit red and swollen. Wait a few days to assess the final result. A solvent, hyalase, exists for the hyaluronic acid filler. When this is injected, your lips will regain the natural volume of your own lips. When you speak to the cosmetic doctor during the consultation about what you want your lips to look like, they will guide you on achieving nicely proportioned lips for your face. At MOOI Clinic, don’t expect extremely plumped-up lips, such as the famous duckfaces.

On average, you will enjoy it for 1 year.

After the consultation, you’ll know exactly what the lip filler treatment will cost you. This is because the cost depends on the brand of filler and the amount to be used. See our fee schedule here for an idea of how much it costs.

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Choose a clinic where quality and safety are paramount! At MOOI Clinic, we only treat with A-brand products and experienced specialists.

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