Belotero® filler: Intense, Volume, Balance

Belotero is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that replenishes the skin’s volume and softens or eliminates wrinkles. Depending on your needs and the depth of the wrinkles, we use Belotero Intense, Volume, Balance or a combination. At MOOI Clinic, we work with a variety of A-brand fillers from our private clinic in Maastricht. We are happy to advise you on choosing between options. Schedule a consultation.

What does a filler do?

Fillers work differently than botulinum toxin injectables. As the name suggests, fillers are used to fill in lines, wrinkles or lips. Most fillers consist of the substance hyaluronic acid. This is a substance native to the body and as such, it is also broken down slowly. Fillers with hyaluronic acid are most commonly used in cosmetic surgery, and the effect of the filler also disappears after several months.

With hyaluronic acid, pay close attention to the quality and price of the filler. Making quality fillers is a complicated process involving a number of steps to purify the substance. A good filler is purified over many steps and because of this, the price of the product is also higher. Many cheap fillers are not sanitized well enough and therefore cause known problems. If the price some where else is much cheaper than usual, it should raise a flag.

At MOOI Clinic, we use only the highest quality fillers with temporary effects. Always check with the attending physician, what type of fillers she/he works with and what the costs are.

Filling in wrinkles

By injecting fillers into the skin or just below it, wrinkles become significantly less visible. That doesn’t mean that your expression changes; only that your wrinkles become less visible as they are temporarily filled. This gives you a refreshed and rested look. These are the most common concerns treated with fillers:

In addition, you can also achieve a tighter jawline with fillers.

The filler treatment with Belotero

The plastic surgeon or dermatologist injects the Belotero filler with very thin needles into the area to be treated. The treatment takes about 15 minutes; no anesthesia is necessary. Afterwards, your skin is somewhat red and swollen. After just a few days, you can see results. The effect of the Belotero lasts about 6-8 months.

Thinking about Botox® and fillers?

Choose a clinic where quality and safety are paramount! At MOOI Clinic, we only treat with A-brand products and experienced specialists.