Breast correction after extreme weight loss

During the process of losing weight, I noticed very quickly that the volume of my breasts also decreased a lot. They became very limp and drooped tremendously. Of course, I was super proud of my weight loss results. In total, I lost about 50 pounds, but these changes still caused a lot of discomfort and I still felt unhappy in my own body.

Empty tea bags, that was all that remained

Because of the major weight loss, I had a lot of excess skin. Both at my belly, breasts, legs and arms. As for my breasts, I now understand where the term tea bags comes from.

“Really empty tea bags was only putting it mildly.”

That much excess skin just didn’t fit into a bra anymore, the skin just fell out. Not to mention the blemishes. I felt so uncomfortable and unhappy without, but also with clothes on!

breast correction after losing weight

Before surgery

Engrossed in plastic surgery

When I maintained my weight for quite some time, I started looking into plastic surgery options to remove my excess skin. There is a lot of information about this online, and I have also looked at before and after pictures of others. I not only wanted to have something done to my breasts, but also my other body parts.

My family doctor referred me to the hospital in Heerlen. There I spoke to plastic surgeon Dr. Booi and I actually felt comfortable right away. That was quite a relief for me. I didn’t need to look any further or orient myself any further then either. I did look at more options but left it at that.

With Dr. Booi, I immediately reviewed all my options and discussed wishes. Not only my breast correction, but also a thigh correction, tummy tuck and upper arm correction. How good it felt to be able to discuss this! During this conversation, the MOOI clinic was also discussed because not all procedures would be covered by health insurance.

I first underwent a tummy tuck. You can read my experience and story about that procedure here.

The day of the breast lift

The day of the breast lift was very exciting and special. I was happy but also worried about how it was going to look, because your breasts are very special after all. They make a woman’s body special after all. Despite this excitement, it was still a treat to be able to go and be helped again.

Along with my breasts, my upper arms were also corrected. Here I also had a lot of excess skin, from my armpits to my forearms.

Immediately after surgery, everything is wrapped up and of course you have some discomfort but that outweighs what you get in return. The day after surgery, everything is unwrapped and that was truly a celebration: how beautiful my breasts were!

The recovery from the two surgeries together (breasts and arms) was very tough though. You can really do very little yourself in the first few weeks. Fortunately, you also quickly forget this period once you recover.

The result

So happy and grateful I am Dr. Booi because the result turned out so beautifully. I couldn’t have wished for better. I have breasts again that match the rest of my body. They no longer hang so terribly and the blemishes are also a thing of the past. I also dare to put on a short-sleeved t-shirt again now that my upper arms have been corrected.

breast lift after losing weight

After surgery

Every time I look in the mirror, I am amazed at how beautiful my body has become and I am so super happy and grateful. The scars are healing fine and look beautiful, even now, after such a short time. It really changed my life and I can recommend it to anyone to have it done. I can’t wait for my next procedure: the upper leg correction!

extreme weight loss tummy tuck