MOOI clinic moves to new location with its own
ok facilities

In just five years, MOOI Clinic grew to become one of the best private aesthetic plastic surgery clinics in the Netherlands. The next chapter in the success story is the move to a new complex, with its own OR facilities.

The MOOI clinic treats about 1,500 clients annually with a wide range of treatments. From injectables to complete facelifts and from breast augmentations to tummy tucks. On, the clinic scores an impressive 9.6. “Quality, safety and trust are central to us – in every treatment,” explain the clinic’s success, said board members Ron Wetzels and Lonneke van der Hulst. “Our surgical team consists of ten well-trained, licensed and excellent plastic surgeons, each with their own specialty. Through continuing education and conferences, they ensure that their knowledge remains up-to-date and that they are introduced to the most innovative techniques. For example, one of our surgeons is working with a non-invasive technique to treat babies with floppy ears, and a nutritional supplement has been developed, which promotes recovery after surgery.” And that’s pretty special in aesthetic plastic surgery.


MOOI Clinic has moved to a new special location: the Eiffel Building in Maastricht’s Sphinx Quarter. In this new contemporary location, the clinic has several consultation and treatment rooms and small operating rooms, as well as a large, Class I operating room. “By taking this step, we no longer need to rent operating rooms in hospitals for surgeries under anesthesia, plus we keep the highest quality aesthetic care in Maastricht, which is another asset to the city, says Lonneke. “We can simply operate on our clients in our own, well-equipped operating rooms. For our clients, this also means shorter waiting times and more flexibility in scheduling their treatment.”

Good care

Good care begins at MOOI Clinic even before treatment. “Any surgery, even something as relatively simple as eyelid surgery, takes something out of your body,” Ron says. “We therefore want our clients to enter the operating room in the best possible condition. That may mean asking people to quit smoking and watch their diet. Nor do we stop at the surgery; we pay great attention to aftercare, which is just as important.


With both a professor and an associate professor of plastic surgery from Maastricht MUMC+ on the surgical team, the clinic is close to the fire of research. Innovations from research can be applied directly to the field of aesthetics “In the MUMC+, research is being done on lipofilling, among other things,” says Lonneke. “There is also research on the risks of breast implants, and work on the development of super microsurgery using robots.”